• Marshal Points Spreadsheet (as of 31-12-19)

Marshal / Official Points Scheme Information


This scheme is designed to ensure that the Clubs Members and Competitors support the Sport, the Club and its events. It is an expectation of all Competitors to support the Club. This scheme is designed to ensure that everyone does so and that it is managed in a fair and transparent manner.

All JMC & LCC events are part of this scheme.


Points System

Every time you enter an event one point will be deducted from your account. You can earn points for your account through ‘commitments’ and volunteering to ‘supply’. Account scores will run for life.



Account Effect

Event Entry


Event Entry & Voluntary Supply


Event Entry & Asked To Supply



Navigation Rally


Grass Track, Sand Race or ½ Day Trial


All-Day Trial / Jersey Rally (per session) / Hill Climb / Moto-X / Multi-Surface Rally / Sprint




Late Entry (if permitted by the Event Chairman)


Commitment/Supply Non-Attendance




Prior to entering your first event of the calendar year you must complete a Commitment Form and return it to the General Secretary for your entry to be accepted.


You (the competitor or parent of a junior) must complete a minimum of +8 points worth of ‘Commitments’. The eight points can be earned at a single all-day event or by a combination of shorter half-day events. In the event that your preferred commitment(s) is already full then you will be advised by the General Secretary and you will have to submit a new Commitment Form. When signing the form you will be confirming that the event relies upon your attendance and the appropriate penalty score will be deducted for non-attendance, regardless of the reason.


You can use another adult to complete your commitment and they do not have to be a Club Member. If you chose to do so you will be asked to supply the name of this person before the event.

In the event that the person who you use to complete your commitment fails to attend then you will be prevented from entering any future events until you yourself have completed commitment(s) to the value of 8 points.


Forms can be downloaded from the Club website and you will be notified closer to the event of the time and place to report.

You can amend your commitment(s) by submitting a new commitment form to the General Secretary, but this must be done before the event entry closing date.


Supplying Marshals / Officials (voluntarily)

Event Entry Forms have a tick box where you can indicate if you would like to supply at the event. For online entries please state that you would like to supply in the ‘Comments’ box. If you book ahead with supplies you are more likely to get your choice(s). You can only do this by submitting Entry Forms ahead of time with post-dated cheques.


Supplying Marshals / Officials (asked)

If after the event entry closing date the total commitments and voluntary supplies received is not enough the remaining Marshals/Officials will come from Competitors who will be required to ‘Supply’. The competitors will be chosen based on those that have the lowest scores in the Marshal Scheme.


Once informed that you are required to ‘Supply’, the event will be relying on you doing so. If you cancel your entry after the closing date you will still be required to ‘Supply’. If you don’t, then penalty points will be deducted from your account regardless of the reason.

If you are competing and your ‘Supply’ does not turn up you will not be allowed to compete and you must cover the marshal/official role allocated. This also applied to if you volunteered to supply and then don’t compete, you will still be required to ‘Supply’.  The deduction will be -10 points.


First Come First Served

All requests for Commitments and Supplying will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

Commitment Forms are required before your first event of the calendar year as a Competitor.

If it is your preference to ‘Supply’ at your events please send in your Entry Forms early as described above.

To avoid disappointment please try to plan ahead and submit your forms in good time.


Junior Members

As Juniors Members are not old enough to marshal or carry out official duties at many events, in order to manage their accounts their parents/guardians will be required to do this for them. They can either volunteer to help at an event where the junior is competing or commit to an event where the junior is not competing to earn the appropriate commitment points. When more than one child of a parent rides/drives at the same event, or if the parent and child ride at the same event, the 1 entry point will be shared equally between the competitors. i.e. 2 family members racing = -½ point for each for entry. Likewise, if a parent who has two children that compete carries out a Commitment the points earned are awarded to both children. This ensures that the parents of multiple entrant families are not burdened with an impossible task to keep their points in credit.


New Members

New members to the Club will not be required to complete a commitment form and will not lose any points for event entries during the calendar year in which they join the Club.

A new member is anyone who is not listed on the master Marshals Spreadsheet held by the General Secretary.


Overdraft Limit

If your score reaches 0 points you will have reached the overdraft limit. This means that you won’t be able to enter any events until you have increased your score. This can be done by either volunteering to ‘Supply’ or completing Commitments.


Event Cancellation

If the event is cancelled before the day no competitors or marshals/officials will receive or lose any points. If the event is cancelled on the day but prior to signing-on only those officials who have completed duties prior to the cancelation will be awarded points.

In the event of an event which takes place towards the end of the calendar year being cancelled any commitment requirements will be carried over to the following year, however these must be completed before a competitor’s first event of the following year.


Queries / Appeals

Please call or email Marshals Committee Chairman with any questions, suggestions or just for advice on how you can work with the scheme to your best advantage.

Points will be published on a quarterly basis on the website and with event entry paperwork.  It is your responsibility to ensure your points are correct.  Queries will be heard for the previous quarter only.  Once the next set of points are published then it will be deemed that there are no queries outstanding.



The scheme is designed to ensure that all events can take place with the required amount of skilled and experienced personnel. Without the support and assistance of all the competitors to the Club there would be no sport to compete in.


TOP TIP: - If you think there is a good chance that you will be asked to ‘Supply’ at an event, volunteer to ‘Supply’ instead. It will earn you one point and could reduce your chance of being asked at your next event!


These rules can and will be amended if deemed necessary by the Marshal Committee.

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